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Western Juniper Wood Products For Sale

Our products include Western Juniper wood and lumber. We also supply Western Juniper for firewood, rustic fencing and Western Juniper for wainscoting, fireplace mantels, pillars and upright beams, sometimes even used for staircases.

Naturally Enduring Western Juniper is highly durable and similar to cedar and redwood, offering decades of performance. Naturally Resistant Naturally impervious to rot and insects, Western Juniper is 100% chemical free (non-toxic) Naturally Distinctive Fine woodworkers, designers and architects alike praise Western Juniper for its rugged and distinctive beauty. Indoor or outdoor, for your farm, vineyard, home or garden.


All Organic Western Juniper Wood
Square Stock, Cants & Lumber

6x6x8' - 12'
5x5x8' - 10'
2x6x8' - 10'
2x8x8' - 10'

Custom Sizes & Lengths Available

Round Stock 6' - 30' also 1/2 rounds 
Live-edge Western Juniper wood
Juniper firewood
Rustic Fencing

Will do custom orders!

If we don't have what you are looking for, we may be able to provide you with custom sizes and lengths of Western Juniper.
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